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New Game – Gravity Bone

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Pre-game

So I will start one last game called Gravity Bone. I got it as a free download (not illegally), and I read that it is a very quick game. Otherwise I have not the slightest idea what it is about. I just wanted one more topic for comparison. And perhaps I have become a little addicted to playing…


New Game – Bioshock

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Pre-game

I have decided to start a new game. I had heard of Bioshock before starting this project, and I know something of the story behind it, albeit very little. But I do not know how the narrative is transmitted nor how my level of interactivity with the game affects the story.

I will now play Bioshock with different levels of interactivity and see what kind of results I yield.

Don’t Starve

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Pre-game

I am choosing Don’t Starve as my first game for two main reasons. First of all, I know nothing in advance about the game or what narrative might be awaiting me. I only know that there are no rules or instructions.  The advantage here is that I hope to be able to understand the narrative as gameplay develops instead of having any preconceived notions of story from too much research or reading reviews. (The game was actually recommended to me by a friend. Otherwise I would not have been able to avoid knowing some further details.) The second main reason for choosing this particular game is that it is solely in English. My German is quite good, but I do not want to encounter any chance misunderstandings or miss any details caused by problems of language.

The game is downloaded and installed. I am ready to play.

About This Blog

Posted: August 27, 2013 in About, Pre-game

My name is Frau Koch. This blog is my personal investigation into narrative transmission (according to Genette) in video games. It is intented as a final project for a university course on New Media. I hope, as time permits, to play at least two different games and compare the experiences.

Please let me be clear – I have very little experience in playing video games. The last video game I clearly remember playing was Super Mario Bros. in the 1980s. I have read a lot recently about literary theory and video games, but I only really know the theory. Now it is time to put it to the test.

My goal here is to examine video games as narratives. How is the narrative transmitted? What is the role of narrator and focalization in telling a story?  How does interactivity change the narrative experience? Are video games an effective medium for story-telling? I hope to find some answers to these questions as I play and explore.

Also worth mentioning – what follows is to be qualitative rather than quantitative research. And, of course, it is based solely upon my individual gaming experience.