Gravity Bone Analysis

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Post-game

As it only took me one hour to finish this game, I did not stop to do any first impressions. I will wrap it all up here in my analysis.

Narrative Transmission in Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone is a short, easy to play video game. There was no introduction to the story. Gameplay began as my character exited an elevator and walked into a party. There is no narrator either within or out of the game space. Focalization is internal, and I really had no idea who my character was as I played. I was, however, able to understand my role through diegetic cues in the form of business cards with instructions written upon them and recordings which told me how to complete the mission. From these I could assume that my character is some kind of spy and the plot revolves around that of a spy adventure.

After completing my second mission, my character was shot but not fatally injured. I lead chase after my assailant only to be killed by her shortly after. I had no weapons or means of defending myself. Death at the end was inevitable, and I do not believe there can be any alternative ending.

Story is present in this game, but only in skeletal form. From exploring the game space, I was able to deduce nothing except clues on how to control character movement. Unlike in Bioshock, this game offered no contextual information on character or background when exploring the world of the game. Only when falling to the ground after being shot the last time did the game shift from play to a cut-scene. There I saw the life of the protagonist flash before his eyes in the form of past memories. That is when the game ended. There could have been much more story involved, but, as a short game, it was probably not deemed necessary. Through focalization and diegetic cues, enough story was present to understand and play the game.


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