Terminology and Further Reading

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

In my blog I will be using some terminology relating to video games and narritology. For anyone unfamiliar with these terms, below I have provided some links for further reading.

A Summary of Narrative Situations (Stanzel vs. Genette) – http://tu-dresden.de/Members/wieland.schwanebeck/introduction_to_literature/course_2/5b.%20Narrativik%20Erzaehlsituationen.pdf

An Introduction to Literary Studies – http://www2.anglistik.uni-freiburg.de/intranet/englishbasics/NarrativeSituation01.htm#narsit

Concept Definitions for Narrator – http://www.amerikanistik.uni-bayreuth.de/de/teaching/Projekte/Melville/Concepts/Narrator/index.html

Focalization in 3D Video Games – http://lmc.gatech.edu/~nitsche/download/Nitsche_Focalization_05.pdf

Audio Diegesis. From Dev Mag – a game development magazine –  http://devmag.org.za/2012/04/19/video-game-audio-diegesis-theory-2/

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